What if it Doesn’t Work?

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We couldn’t offer a lifetime guarantee if it didn’t work.

If we didn’t have more than 95% of people reach their ideal weight in one session we would put ourselves out of business by offering a lifetime guarantee.

Our sessions work and that’s why we are the only ones in the business offering a lifetime guarantee, because we are absolutely certain that the method is so good that over 95% of people will reach their ideal weight.

If in the first 15 minutes we don’t think it will work for you, we’ll send you away with a full refund.

Because nothing is more important to us than your success.

There are some people we do not help because they make up the majority of the 5%. Those are people who are coming in for other people Their wife, spouse, mum, etc… told them to come in or else …

The only person we cannot help is people who do not really want to reach their ideal weight. And you are not one of those people are you?

Tried Hypnosis Before And It Didn’t Work?

When people say they’ve tried hypnosis before or it doesn’t work, we always say, “The question isn’t ‘does hypnosis work?’ because it always works when it’s done correctly.

The question is ‘how good is the technique?’

Other Hypnotherapists use a very basic form of hypnosis, which only usually gets a 30–40% success rate.

The way that we get over a 95% success rate is that we use a unique combination of advanced neuro hypnotic techniques.

And our success rate is the reason why we are the only hypnotherapy practice that is prepared to back our work up with a lifetime guarantee.