Weight Loss Plateau

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Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

When we start out on our latest weight management plan we do so with high hopes and gritty determination and at first it does seem to be working. We lose a few kilos, the tape measure tells us that our measurements are reducing a bit and then we plateau.

The weight loss plateau is a very normal and most of us are probably expecting it (based on past experience with dieting). When it happens to you, you cope reasonably well for the first few days, but those days can turn into weeks and the weight loss has slowed to a trickle.

A weight loss plateau can severely test weight loss motivation and may end up undermining your ability to stick with your weight management plan. Many of us will quit our diets a week or so after reaching a plateau. At this point, our levels of frustration are on the rise and we feel like we are depriving ourselves for no good reason as the needle on the scale will just not move.

Busting through a Weight Loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau is your bodies normal response to a the changes you have made while attempting to lose weight. You have probably reduced your caloric intake, eliminated sugar from your diet and maybe increased your level of physical activity.

At first, this will result in very satisfying levels of weight loss. But as your body adjusts to the new conditions by using the fuel you are consuming much more efficiently. Your metabolism slows down and the weight loss slows or stops.

So what can you do?

First recognise that, even though, the scales do not move as quickly as you would like, your weight management plan is still working in other ways. Get yourself a tape measure and take your measurements once a week. More often than not you are still getting smaller which is probably a better indicator that your are approaching your ideal weight/size than what you weigh.

You might also like to check whether or not you are burning fat. Go to your local Chemist and buy a pack of Ketosis/Glucose Diagnostic strips. The ones I use are “Keto-Diastix Reagent Strips”. Using these strips (as per the instructions) will tell you whether or not you are still burning fat.

If you are burning fat and building muscle at the same time by eating right and adding exercise to your lifestyle it is entirely possible that you will not lose weight for a while. In fact, it is altogether possible that you might gain weight but reduce in size as muscle weighs more than fat.

Second, just wait it out. If you can stick with your eating and exercise plan, even though your weight is not changing the weight loss plateau will end in about three weeks when your body works out that you are not starving and that this is the new normal. Your metabolism will increase again (although maybe not to the same level) and you will begin to lose weight again.

Or if you really don’t want to wait, increase your level of physical activity.

Acai for Weight Loss – True or False?

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Check out the adverts on either side of your timeline on Facebook and you will probably find at least one advert for a new wonder diet pill or potion. Many sites on the internet are promoting a form of Acai for weight loss, claiming that it is a miracle cure for the overweight.



Research has determined that Acai berries do have antioxidants that may protect cells from damage caused by harmful molecules in the body called “free radicals,” and may possibly help prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer. But the link to weight loss is as yet not scientifically proven.

You can purchase Acai berries in a variety of different forms, it comes in it’s natural form as a fresh berry, dried, powdered and in pill form.

You can buy Acai liquid concentrate You can add it to your favourite breakfast cereal or make a tea-like drink or a smoothie with it. You can even buy a chocolate bar with Acai berries in it.

But the bottom line is that although there is no doubt that Acai berries are likely to be good for you, they have not been endorsed by the scientific community as a trigger for weight loss.

The Verdict on Acai For Weight Loss?

So the bottom line is that if you want to consume Acai berries, it will not harm you, but it is probably not going to hasten your weight loss any more that eating any other fruit or berry that is also high in anti-oxidants.

So instead of sending away for a bottle of pills or a pack of freeze-dried Acai Berry powder take a walk down to your local grocery store or fruit and veg shop and see what is in season.

Buy yourself some lovely fresh blueberries or a punnet of raspberries. They will do you just as much good and probably cost you a lot less!

Weight Loss Motivation

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What is your weight loss motivation? For most of us maintaining the motivation long enough to succeed with our weight loss goals is incredibly difficult.

We start out with high hopes and gritty determination and at first it does seem to be working. We lose a few kilos, the tape measure tells us that our measurements are reducing a bit and then we plateau.

The weight loss plateau is a very normal and you probably were expecting it (based on past experience with dieting). You cope reasonably well for the first few days, but those days turn into weeks and your weight loss has slowed to a trickle.

Meanwhile, you are still avoiding some of your favourite foods. And the world does not stop pushing them in front of you just because you want to lose some weight. Eating out is harder on a diet and if you have kids, they still want ice cream after dinner. Constantly having to cook two different meals or modifying what you cook for the family so that you can eat it too becomes a burden when you are not seeing the results you want.

You start feeling like you are depriving yourself of the things you love and for what?

The scales are no longer your friend and your diet is not really working for you anymore. Your weight loss motivation is still there. You still don’t like how you look in the mirror and you still have trouble keeping up with the kids at the park, but your ideal weight seems so far away and you are in pain now.

It is a balancing act between what you want in the short term (a bowl of ice cream and to feel good for a while) against what you want in the long term (a healthier, happier life and a slimmer wardrobe). In the face of weeks being stuck at the same weight, the short term is likely to win.

And if you have already broken your diet, your subconscious will encourage you to make the most of it. So you add chocolate topping to that ice cream, have a large glass of coke and polish off the lollies in the kid’s lolly jar.

When you come off your sugar high and realise what you have done, it is also likely that you will be very annoyed with yourself. You won’t need anyone else to tell you how weak you are, you are doing a great job of telling yourself.

Feeling weak or worthless will make getting back on track very difficult as it will seem pointless. You still have the same level of weight loss motivation, but in the face of what seems like an insurmountable barrier it is just not enough.

When Weight Loss Motivation is not Enough

A lot of the thought process behind the decision to stick with or break your diet is not conscious, it happens in your subconscious mind and is completely outside of your control. Your subconscious mind has developed the beliefs about your weight at some point in the past and it is those beliefs that will influence your behaviour.

Maybe being heavier is one way that your subconscious chooses to protect you from being hurt by other people (physically or psychologically).

Or perhaps you were rewarded with certain types of food as a child. If so, your subconscious would have related those foods to feeling good about yourself and your achievements.

Maybe as a child you were ill more often than not and doing exercise or playing physical games was not fun for you. Or you might have been hurt while playing sports or rough-housing with your siblings as a child.

Whatever the reasons, if your weight loss motivation is not enough or you constantly find yourself doing things that sabotage the progress towards your ideal weight you might need to do some work to change your beliefs about weight loss and exercise. The easiest and most effective way to do that is through hypnosis.

Drinking Water To Lose Weight

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There are many, many different ‘diets’ out there and all of them tell you that they are the best way for you to lose weight. You can buy books, meal replacement products, subliminal tapes and DVDs. You can try low fat diets, low carbohydrate, high protein, low protein, and diets that advocate eating only one food (the grapefruit diet etc).

All of these ‘fad’ diets are short term, they are not sustainable and when you stop whatever diet you use to shift the weight, it will sneak back on. And it will probably bring a few friends with it, so you end up weighing more that you did when you started. So not a good idea.

But one other thing they have in common is the recommendation that you drink water. If you don’t already drink the recommended daily amount, it will seem like a lot of water. Heck, there is even a water diet!

Drink Water Every Day

Up to 60 percent of an adult’s body weight is water and it performs some very important functions. Water carries nutrients to all the cells in your body and it helps to carry waste products away from those cells.

Water aids digestion and helps to lubricate your joints. It also helps to regulate your body temperature and eliminate excess heat (sweating). If you do not give your body enough water to replace what it loses every day through sweating and urination, you become dehydrated and it can kill you.

What most of them neglect to mention is that our bodies need water, whether we are on a “diet” or not.

Yes, it takes a while, but severe dehydration is a killer.

The symptoms of dehydration include:

  • A dry or sticky mouth, caused by too little saliva
  • Less urine than normal, or no urine for eight hours.
  • Few or no tears
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry, cool skin
  • Fast heart rate
  • Lethargy, irritability or fatigue
  • Listlessness or coma; this is a sign of severe dehydration.

A lot of us go about our day to day lives more dehydrated than we should be, we might blame our weight or level of fitness for feeling tired or irritable when it could be fixed if we would just drink more water!

The Institute of Medicine, (IOM) suggests that the average healthy woman drink about nine cups a day of liquids and the average man about 13 cups a day. Those liquids can be carbonated or non-carbonated, but plain spring water is by far the best option for your body. Drinking water should not be something you do when you are dieting, it should be something you do every day for the rest of your life.

Best Foods for Weight Loss and Good Health

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Everyone is looking for the quickest and easiest way to lose weight, and some of us make poor choices in our desperation to lose that weight in a hurry. We concentrate on eating the best foods for weight loss (according to our favorite diet guru), rather than the best foods for good health.

We try the latest fad diet and disrupt our normal eating patterns in the short term and yes, we might lose some weight – but it doesn’t work for long and sooner or later the weight piles back on.

If you goal is good health, then being at your ideal weight (neither under- or over-weight) is just one component of that goal rather than being the main focus. If your goal is to improve your health your thinking is more likely to be long-term and the idea that you might have to make lifestyle changes is easier to swallow.


On the other hand, if you are focusing primarily on weight loss, you will be thinking diet. Diets are usually short term changes in your eating and physical activity habits that cease when you reach your ideal weight (or when you quit the diet out of frustration). And at that point you revert back to your old habits and patterns.

Diets are band-aids. Short term fixes that do not create permanent change, as soon as you rip the band-aid off, the issues with your weight come back.

If you want to change your weight and to make that change permanent, you have to make permanent changes.

It is not rocket science, but it is a concept that many people have trouble with.

Best Foods for Weight Loss

So, if we agree that the best way to create permanent change is to introduce permanent lifestyle changes, the choice you make about the food you eat have to be ones that you can live with permanently. One of the reasons diets fail is that we try to consume foods that we really don’t like while we deny ourselves the foods we really like.

If our change is to be permanent, we need to incorporate some of the foods that we love along with more of the foods that are good for us. So what are the best foods for weight loss and good health?

Fresh foods are best.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, raw or lightly steamed. Small amounts of red meat, fish and poultry.


If you have a choice between processed and unprocessed, the later is better. Brown is generally better than white (think about rice, bread, flour etc).